Cervical Spinal Cancer

In general there are two types of cervical spinal cancer. One type begin in the bone itself and those that begin in the spinal canal which involves spinal cord and nerves. Both started with a common early symptom in patients which is pain on the neck. The pain begins slowly and become noticeable over time. Besides that patients also may experience shoulder, arm or leg pain as the tumor spread beyond the bones or spinal canal to include the cord and nerves root. In later stage, patients may develop weakness in the arms or legs causing walking normally ability decreased.


A complete examination of all common organs where cancer develops is usually warranted if any tumor is found in the spine. Evaluation of cervical spinal cancer may include:

  • complete medical history
  • complete physical examination
  • complete neurological examination
  • radio-graphic studies of the spine, chest and GI system to screen for tumors
  • MRI and CAT scans to examine the spine



Cervical spinal cancer treatment generally can receive medical treatment or surgical treatment depending on the location, stages and types of cancer. Some tumors may curable non-surgically. Treatment methods include whole-beam radiation, stereotactic radiosurgery, and chemotherapy. Much chronic tumors will require surgical treatment from an experience doctor.

Acupuncture and herbal treatments offers an alternative way to improve the health condition of the cervical spinal cancer treatment as well as stand a chance to dissolve it.  Traditional Chinese Medicine has a long 5000 years of history with a variations of herbs all around the world. There were records where certain tumors cured using this method.

KL Acupunture and Herbal Treatment centre is one of the top in the world. Chinese master in this centre are famous for his secret and ancestral formula. Many of his patients even come from countries around the world for his treatment. Chinese master is able to assess the patients ‘Qi’ which is very important in the Chinese Traditional Medicine to identify the necessary treatment the patient should receive. He is also experienced to identify the suitable mix of herbs for a particular conditions. If necessary patients may stay in the accommodation provided by the centre for a fee to receive intensive care. Some times, Master will teach Qi Gong to his patients and advise their diet.


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